Should FM Become a Framework?

Discussion created by chuckburr on May 5, 2018
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Open community discussion: Should FM Become a Framework?


1) We developers and clients pay us to build apps but they cannot scale. We need to build them all over again in NodeJS or Ruby on Rails if we want more than a couple hundred users or a native mobile app.

2) The money is in Scale. Customer benefit being able to scale their FM investment instead of throwing it out.


Solution: Make FM a web dev and mobile framework like Node or Rails.

1) Make FM databases MySQL native, able to be hosted by Amazon Relational Database out of the box as is.

2) Make FM scripts JS compliant. You save a FM script or Layout, FM automatically generates the JS and CSS.

3) Kill FM Go. Save FM apps as Swift or JS.

4) Enhance dev tools, implement backlog of FM dev feature requests.


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