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Difference between FM16 & 17 web viewer behavior (self-reference)

Question asked by srciaran on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by beverly

I have a Javascript running in some HTML in a web viewer that works in FM16 but breaks with fm17. Specifically, a self-reference seems to error out with a message: The file "Mercury.fmp12" could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host." (Mercury.fmp12 is the name of the file that contains the web viewer and the script being called). It works perfectly fine in FMP16. Here is the JS:



Note that there is more HTML above and below, but this is the script that mentions the file by name. Nothing else in the web viewer does so.


FileMaker Pro Advanced (fails)

FileMaker Pro Advance (works)

Tested with FileMaker Server 15 & 17

MacBook Pro/Mac OSX 10.13.5