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XML Export: Generate a Portable File Path for XSL Stylesheets?

Question asked by Malcolm on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by Malcolm

I have a stylesheet that I have placed in the the Filemaker extensions folder. When I hard code the path the export works normally.


However, I am developing this on a file running under FMS.


Hardcoding the filepath reflects my local setup so I want to use a calculated file path.


When I use a calculated filepath I get an error from the SAX parse engine. SAXParseException: unable to determine file base pathname (Occurred in an unknown entity, at line 0, column 0.)


I figured that the hardcoded path must be right ( at least in my setup ), so I copied the path inserted by filemaker when I hardcode the path and used that. The error still occurs.


How do I make the file path portable?