Prevent radio buttons to turn black in FMP12

Discussion created by psijmons on Apr 12, 2012
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I make use of inobtrusive radio buttons to indicate the status of a record (see first picture). I know a lot of developers are using this, so I post this trick.


Fields are radio buttons with a Value list of one, zero, and are drawn as small as possibe so no value shows, only the radio button itself.

Field formatting is

Fill: No effect,

Line: select a color but set line width to None

This will produce a minimum bullit with no surrounding circle, then use multiple of such markers on top of each with different colors (other trick also possible, this is just an example)


When you convert such a solution to FMP12, the Classic Theme is attached to your layouts. Although this is an impressive conversion, some items change in a way that makes you realize it will take a lot of work before you can release this v12 to your clients. For example, all my nicely colored markers are now black. I have these markers all over the place...


Unfortunately, the Classic theme seems to get embedded in your converted file and you cannot alter the theme style retrospectively (or can I?), so if you want to make use of this trick, you will have to convert a fresh v11 copy to v12.


Open FMPA12 package contents (Ctrl-click)

- go to resources / themes / Classic /

(better save a copy of this folder first)

- open Classic.css with something like TextMate

- comment out line 451

- set line 445 to : -fm-use-default-appearance : false ;


- save the CSS file, close FMPA12 and re-open

- convert your FMP11 file to FMP12


and all radio buttons should have retained to colors you set in FMP11