Problem with submitting iOS app with plugin to App Store

Discussion created by monkeybreadsoftware on Aug 9, 2018
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Here at DevCon someone asked how to submit app to the App Store with plugin.

This used to work last year, but seems to be broken now as maybe Apple does some more checking.


So for us, the MBS.fmplugin.framework file in the Plug-Ins folder in the app gets loaded on device and for the simulator and we can use plugin functions. When submitting such an app to the App Store, we get the following error:


ERROR ITMS-90680: "The binary you uploaded was invalid."


Now we can move the plugin to the frameworks folder, submit the app, than it passes the tests.

So it looks like some policy changed in the last months to require frameworks to be in frameworks folder.


Could FileMaker iOS SDK be changed to look for FileMaker plugins in the frameworks folder, too?


That would help and should be just a minor change.


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