Use "Insert Calculated Result" to concatenate strings! <= Groundbreaking Performance Leap!

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OMG! => I just found a super-fast method of concatenating strings in FileMaker!*


With "Insert Calculated Result" (append to variable) FileMaker concatenates strings in linear time O(n).

"Set Variable" on the other hand performs in quadratic time, O(n^2):


Insert Calulated Result Chart1.png




  • When concatenating 200 000 strings with "Set Variable" takes >3 minutes,
  • with "Insert Calculated Result" it is finished in under 7 seconds!




Insert Calulated Result Chart2.png


Try it yourself:


Attached below is a little Benchmarking tool which I used to get these results.


Time to Change!


Insert Calculated Result.png


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* The original entry was incorrectly posted here as an issue, and reposted here to make it easier to find, share + discuss


2018-08-15 MrW EDIT: Attached new fmBenchMark app, which is now fm16 and fm17 compatible.