Performance trend analysis of newer FileMaker Clients

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We have created this post in relation to the thread Use "Insert Calculated Result" to concatenate strings! <= Groundbreaking Performance Leap! which highlights alternative methods to improve performance in later versions of FileMaker.


The following testing data relates to scripts run on our 4 bot machines that process scheduled tasks 24 hours a day.  The logging of the tasks report the start and end time of each script that runs, we have processed just under half a million tasks over a 15 month period, averaging the run times between versions of Filemaker.


This shows a trend of increased processing time in later versions.


Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 09.21.50.png

As you can see from the testing performed there seems a increased processing time for scripts to perform in later versions. We have noticed in versions 16 and 17 this to be primarily due to beach balling when attempting to open supporting FileMaker files within our solutions.

Our Environment:

4 Servers 15.03 Running on Windows Server 2012 (Running in VMWare no SSL)

130 Filemaker files

50 Filemaker Solutions (multiple files per solution)


We welcome comments from anyone who may had similar issues, and hopefully have resolved them.