Submit Ideas for New Name for the Women of FileMaker

Discussion created by IT_User on Sep 9, 2018
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As you may or may not know, Women of FileMaker is looking to create an official non-profit. Since we are handling money now for the scholarship donations, it is not only the next logical step but a necessary one. As we cannot use a registered trademarked name belonging to another company ("FileMaker"), we need to rename ourselves. Our logo will remain the same, as will our colors. Nothing else changes except the name.


The Women of FileMaker web page has a sub-description of "Stronger Together". The bright blue icon that Brenda Cimbura ( brendacimbura) created last year is original. When it came to creating a new logo and website for Women of FileMaker, we wanted an identity to reflect that we are a global community of women in technology that are connected together through our individual contributions. The icon we selected symbolizes the relationship of many-to-many and is aspirational in its link to science/technology/engineering/design aspects of our practice, and the brackets in the name are a nod to code. It represents a network of techie people, and the colors of sky blue and grey compliment the FileMaker brand and the potential we see in this platform.


We are putting out a request for your ideas to help with new names. Please remember that we have a large percentage of non-developers as part of our group. We want the name to be unifying, empowering and creative. We will be putting the request out to all our social media sites as well.


To submit an idea reply to this post by September 19. We will take all the suggestions, assess them vs. other websites and registered names, and choose our favorite by the end of the month. We will officially announce the new name at our October 9 quarterly meeting.


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!