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How do I use URL schemes in Filemaker to control an external app?

Question asked by andreasz on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by andreasz

I have information about patients stored in a Filemaker database. The patients' xray images are stored in an application called Osirix, a DICOM Image Viewer. Osirix supports URL schemes as described here: OsiriX DICOM Viewer | RIS Integration

However, I am not sure how to send these URLs from Filemaker to Osirix. For example, let's say I am looking at a patient's record in Filemaker which has a field called 'MyPatientID'. I would like to create a button that when I click it will send the URL osirix://?methodName=displayStudy&PatientID=MyPatientID

to Osirix, which will open the Osirix application and display a list of studies for this patient. How would I do this?


As a test, I tried making a button and added the action: open URL [With dialog:off ; "osirix://?methodName=KillOsiriX". This should close the Osirix app when I click the button in Filemaker. When I click the button, the window focus switches from Filemaker to Osirix, but Osirix does not quit. When I paste osirix://?methodName=KillOsiriX in the URL bar of Chrome and hit enter, Osirix does quit.


Hope you can help me fix this!