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Copying records from two tables into a third one.

Question asked by johannes on Sep 14, 2018
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Hi all,


I have a problem that I just can't  solve. I have tried all sorts of different ways but none of them yields the desired results. So I thought, someone of you great guys might have an idea.


This is the problem:


I need to print a report (invoices paid cash plus manual activities wrt. to the cash register).


The first part is invoices from the 'invoices' table and the second one is 'manual entries' from the manual entries table. I have created a third table - cash report - that holds both types of transactions in order to print the report from that table.


I have created a layout based upon a 'main' table the has relations to the invoices, the manual entries and the cash report tables and that displays all three as portals. The idea was that I could just loop through the first two portals and create entries in the cash report table. That does not work, no matter what I try.


Then I thought I create three layouts, one for the invoices table, one for the manual entries table and one for the cash report table. Then I could go the the invoices table, loop through the entries and for each entry go to the cash report table, create a new record and fill in the date from variables created from the invoices. Same for the manual entries table. However, that doesn't work either, no matter what I try.


Does anybody happen to have a great idea how this problem can be solved?


I would very, very much appreciate your thoughts on this.


Thank you very much in advance.