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Marking sorted records using a script and a global.

Question asked by user29453 on Oct 4, 2018
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I'm sure my challenge has been overcome by others so I am hoping for a little help.  I have a multi-user solution and a table of records which include a category and sub-category field.  The user needs the ability to select records; all records, all records in a category, subcategory, or singularly.  The selection would need to be accomplished using a global field to prevent cross-user issues. I have found several examples of scripts which facilitates the desired selection capability, some using a global field, most employing various methods such as SQL, looping through off-screen portals, etc. However they all tend to be based on a toggle (on/off). The issue with the toggle is if the user has selected a record, then decides to select all, or the category / sub-category the question is assigned to, the remaining questions will be toggled "on" while the singularly selected record ends up being toggled "off". I can't clear the global and then "toggle on" as this could impact other records not in the category / subcategory being addressed.