What license have I just bought?

Discussion created by andypieman on Oct 14, 2018
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I'm putting this discussion up following the advice of wimdecorte from another thread, where I had a bit of a rant.


Earlier this year I received my renewal for the AVLA I've had with FileMaker for a number of years. This had always been FMS + 5 concurrent connections, 4 FMP 1FMPA. This handled the office staff, development, and a number of engineers who connect for extremely short periods of time to sync a file, or check their diary. This number has varied between 10-25ish at any one time. They connect for about 20 mins a week total, but all come in as the same 'user'. I can still see the 'concurrency diagram' FMI used to use to explain concurrency in my head, so I'm convinced this was legal.


I was told the FM16 prices were being held as I was 'a valued customer'. In 2017 I paid £1230 inc VAT, the renewal was £2606.40. It included 5 concurrent server connections at £384/connection up from the previous years £585 for all 5. Added to this, there were still the FMP and FMPA licenses. I naturally questioned FMI about an increase that is over 100% price hike. I talked the sales guys at FMI through my system, and they were adamant that is what I needed, and that even starting a new license would be more expensive as they were 'holding the price' for me.


I accepted the price, and took it on the chin that maybe having up to 30 users on a 5 concurrent system, while within previous licensing, was taking advantage? The problem now is that I have received a license for FM17, 5 users. No extra FMP or FMPA license keys, and nothing, as far as I can see, that allows the 5 concurrent connections they insisted I needed to operate legally. I am reasonably sure the license I have could be purchased by someone less honest for £720.


I have read FM17 Licensing Facts by bigtom which I think is about the best reference I've come across about licensing under 17, but I'm still at a loss as to what exactly happened last renewal. I feel a little 'conned'.