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Setting a Script Trigger as the Running of Another Script?

Question asked by jeremyb on Oct 15, 2018
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I want to record the start time and end time of the scripts I run so I can know how long it takes for some of the longer ones to run.  I created a script to record the start time and a separate one to record the end time.  I would want to know how I can make it so the Start Time script runs any time I click to run a script (and not if it's a script nested within another script), and the Stop Time script runs when all scripts are completed.  I appreciate I can program these into any individual scripts I choose, but is there a way to program it automatically for all scripts (and I don't want it being meta, where the script itself triggers itself in an infinite loop....)?


Lastly, if there is a way to only program one step at the start of a script that will cause the Stop Time script to also run at the end, tips for that would also be helpful.  Alternatively, if there is a totally different/better way to go about this, I'm all ears!





Below is a copy of the Start Time script:

I created a Table, named "Table_Container Table" with one record only to log things like this. Sorry if that is confusing...