Count duplicates in Value list or a portal

Discussion created by user2147216 on Nov 16, 2018
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I have a portal of quote line items that might contain the same _fkDealer value for more than 1 line item and when I find a situation where the same dealer is used to supply different products on the same quote, I end up with multiple quote line items containing the same _fkDealer value. I will then take that information and generate a single purchase order for the quote line items that have the matching _fkDealer values with each product on its own purchase order line item. Hope I stated all of that clearly.



Where I am stuck is trying to figure out the best way (or anyway) to count the number of duplicates in a value list variable that I built by looping through portal records and capturing the _fkDealer value for each line item or in a found set of records in the portal.


End Result:

What I would like to end with is this: someReallyLongUUIDNumber = 3

Then with that information, I can find my to way to the finish line on this assignment. Thanks in advance to all or any who help me!