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Counting unique values in a field

Question asked by RichardHurley on Nov 25, 2018
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I am importing data (via csv) from a time-tracking application. My data import fields are task, start time, end time, and hours. (Sample: install exhibit; 11/5/18, 12:04 PM; 11/5/18, 6:04 PM; 6.

From this data I extract a DATE value for each record (in the case above, 11/5/18).

I sort my records by DATE and TASK, and show the daily tasks and time spent on tasks in the body of my layout. I then summarize the total hours worked per day in a trailing sub-summary field:



I would like to calculate the number of days worked in a trailing grand summary. I have tried a number of different means of doing this and have come up empty. I suppose that all I really need is a way of counting the number of unique values in the DATE field, but I haven't found the magic key.


Can anyone show me how to do this (sans SQL)?


Thanks in advance,


Richard Hurley


California Educational Multimedia