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YouTube Topical Timestamp Links Script/Function/Service?

Question asked by eric on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by eric

This is not really a FileMaker question, but its purpose is to help us support a lot of FileMaker-related content.


In this age of YouTube, we are getting a lot of content that requires sequential access and does not lend itself to random/direct access. I'm sure Google/YouTube (and maybe even FMI) will be promoting solutions for this shortly (if they aren't already), but in the meantime we have a lot of people who are annoyed by the video and non-textual trend, as we can see from the following thread: FileMaker Training Series - no updates planned for FM16 release?


One solution is to provide topical timestamp links to parts of videos. For an exquisite example of this, please see

TonyWhite's User interface for viewing multi topic, technical content on YouTube....

Example: FileMaker Fanatics - E004 - Credit Cards, Microsoft Word, and more...

However, the method used there requires post production time, and I just don't want to invest more time than I already do to relay the videos we produce for DIGFM.


While watching a DIGFM presentation, I take notes and include the time of day (hh:mm) so I (and others) can more easily skip to that portion of the video without having to scan the whole thing. Example:

That's it. I'm done. As good as those presentations can be, I don't have the time to sit through the whole thing again. I even did that for most of the FileMaker Product Roadmap Webinar 2018 to hyperlink the FileMaker Product Roadmap 2019 feature tables just for fun, but it was a completely manual process that should be easier.


What I want, is

a YouTube Topical Timestamp Link Script, Function, or Service that can do the following:

  1. Read HTML or plain text, and find and intelligently interpret the absolute video time or time of day entered (whether as hh:mm, mm:ss, h:mm:ss, etc.),
  2. Convert times of day to absolute video time using a supplied offset in seconds or hh:mm:ss. E.g. -14:01:30 = 0:00:00.
  3. Combine an absolute video time with the supplied YouTube URL to generate a link timestamp link. E.g.:


Thus the input would probably be:

  1. YouTube URL. E.g. ""
  2. Offset time. E.g. -50490 or "-14:01:30"
  3. Time format. E.g. "hh:mm" or "mm:ss"
  4. Text (plain or HTML) that includes times of day or absolute video time.

The output would be the same text with all times of day or absolute video times hyperlinked to specific times in the YouTube video.


I was about to create a FileMaker script to do all this myself, but I thought I'd ask the Community if they have already seen or built something like this already. If I write it, it would be a script (that might make you cringe for not even using JSON arguments). However, maybe there's a programming genius here that can whip out a recursive custom function in no time. Any help would be appreciated, even building or refining it together right here.


Another alternative would be some kind of service that generates all the closed-captioning text, and then tags all of that text with timestamp links. At least it would be semi-searchable by content and provide links that way.


I attached a file with the shell of a script I was considering so far. It goes through the motions but doesn't insert any useful calculated tags.