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Out of Memory Error with External SQL Source (MariaDB)

Question asked by jeepboy on Dec 14, 2018
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Hello!  I could really use some help - thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to offer...  We have run into an issue with a client using External Sql Source receiving an Out of Memory error when creating new records in the SQL System.


We are using ODBC to connect to a MariaDB system running at a web hosting provider.  The solution is set up so that a "trip" table in FileMaker has a companion "trip" table in SQL (MariaDB) which are related using the primary key in FileMaker to a foreign key in SQL, the relationship is set to allow creation of records and we are doing so by writing the FileMaker primary key into the SQL field, causing the SQL record to spawn.


Sometimes we are able to successfully create the related record, but if we move on to an other record and attempt to do the same, we receive an "Out of Memory" error message.  It happens on the first or second time we create a new record in the External SQL Source.


I understand that MariaDB is not officially supported as an ESS.  We have advised the client and their web vendor as strongly as possible to limit their SQL selections to only those supported by Filemaker, however they are committed to using MariaDB instead.  From what I have been able to read, Maria >should< work and be no different than MySQL so I am trying to not bias my troubleshooting by obsessing on the fact it is MariaDB.  However I still feel this may be part of the issue.


A few months ago, before they moved from MySQL to MariaDB, was the last time I needed to interact with these "trip" tables and did not encounter this issue at that time.  In my testing I am observing this issue in other tables as well so it's not limited to just the "trip" table.


I have tested and experienced this issue on a variety of workstation configurations:

     Mac OS High Sierra with FileMaker 16 Pro Advanced

          Two tests - one workstation with 4GB RAM and another with 8GB

     Mac OS Mojave with FileMaker 16 Pro Advanced

          One Test - workstation has 16GB of RAM

     Windows 7 with FileMaker 16 Pro Advanced

          One Test - workstation has 8GB of RAM


The MariaDB version is 10.1.35


The FileMaker solution is hosted by FMP Host and the ODBC DNS is configured on their end. I plan to enlist their help as well because I believe the out of memory error message may be coming from the ODBC Driver.


Has anyone seen issues like that or have any suggestions?  Much thanks in advance for any guidance!