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Question asked by knightman on Aug 30, 2018
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Hello Everyone.


I’m trying to use FileMaker to capture a serial number from NFC tags (that I already pre-input the serial number on tags). I am using the Open URL call back from an app called (Simply NFC). I contact the NFC APP company and they provide me their url scheme.






I managed to call back the app from FileMaker  by doing | Open URL [ with dialog off; “simplynfc://reader?callback= (here where not sure what to input) |. Right now I can call the app from FileMaker & get the Simply NFC app to read the NFC tags, however I can not manage to bring back that serial number back to FileMaker. 


My FileMaker app is hosted on AWS, not sure if that will matter.  And Of course i’m using iPhone that is NFC Capable.




Any help will be appreciated.