Defective product - what can I do (legally)?

Discussion created by glorifindal on Jan 23, 2019
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Hi there,


A friend of mine has  phoned me in utter frustration and asked that I take it over some development. After investigation, it appears that the solution is both very badly built and defective.


When I say "defective" I mean 2 things:

1 - Many functions simply do not work but cause the DB to hang..

2 - Going back x versions long before it was live, it is corrupt. These are versions that have been uploaded by the developer. The files can be recovered but only with errors - so, going forward it is not usable.


What is also clear is that the solution has been modified from another project, there is a lot of code in it that points to this. When asked about this, the original developer basically just shrugged his shoulders and said something akin to "so what ..."


My question is this:


What process exists in the UK to try to get the developer to pay some of the money back ...?


Many thanks in advance,