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Hi Im new to the community...

Question asked by paulsnokia on Feb 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by beverly

Long story short I have had to learn file maker quickly to help out a friend who was having problems with an old version of FileMaker (V 10) on a mac it still runs perfectly but I have become a little addicted to it....

I have created some useful databases and I have enjoyed the process, however, I have hit an issue with printing a single record! it's a simple database to collect customer feedback and after answering a few questions the user can print out a voucher to give to the individual who gave up some time to answer a few questions..


The problem is that it will show a single record but no matter what I try it won't print the record on view!!! it prints from record 1!!! I have tried most things and can only assume I have either set the database up incorrectly or I am missing something obvious!! Anybody have an idea of what could be causing the issue?


Also, I'm thinking of upgrading to the latest version and wondered if the databases I have done can be imported/updated via the new version??


Any help or advise greatly appreciated


Regards Paul.