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Versions conundrum; how to update the file now?

Question asked by Cécile on Feb 10, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by wimdecorte

I was rebuilding the solution but since it was taking too much time and my client needed some changes right away, I downloaded the prod file and started making changes. Which turned out to not be as straight forward as I hoped and were still taking too much time (by me of course...) so I decided to make the strict minimum fixes so he can at least have the fixes before the new functionalities are ready.


Normally I make small changes directly in the prod file but this time, I needed to be sure my changes would work as intended so I did them on my dev file. Thinking that I would remember what I did and "just" replicate the steps in prod. Bad idea. I should have downloaded prod again and work on that copy. But then I would have half the changes on the prod and the other changes on dev. And this is not the rebuild yet.


After writing down my changes on a piece of paper at first, I started forgetting and because there were also some layout changes needed... See where I am going.... I am now stuck with prod which is still not fixed, and dev that is a lot more advanced but I can't migrate the db in it because some of the alterations requested are implemented and they were about price module so they affect all other estimate and estimate line functions but have not been integrated to those yet.


Here is a synopsis of the situation:



How am I gonna get myself out of that disaster...