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There's quite a good discussion going on in another thread (A Conversation About '2 Factor Authentication') regarding the dangers of attempting to use so-called "ersatz" security measures. Rather than derail that thread, I wanted to go off on a tangent and get the community's opinion on a particular situation I've run across a time or three.
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A buddy of mine has a database for his print shop.  He needs to grab info from a web service to create another file to export.   I get an XML file from an art supplier.  I don’t need (or want) to write XSLT to import the data to a new table. But I do need to extract some data.   Here is a portion of the data; ….
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I suspect it is not possible, given that FM is not a word processor. Nevertheless, it is worth asking: is there a way to force last records of a sub-summary displayed on a given page (body part) to move forward to the next page to accompany its immediate trailing sub-summary?    
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Snapshots are a fantastic feature, but its usage is too limited. In many situations, they could be a core component of our solutions if we could control how they open.   The following limitations are there for good reasons but they could be reconsidered in the context of a script step:   snapshots always open in a new window if the
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A year ago, I used the Web Viewer to create what I affectionately refer to as a Facebook stalking page, so we can better recognize people who have attended our conference. ("Was that the tall dude or the guy with the beard? Oh yeah...that guy.")   This worked great...until it didn't. We studied the URL created when we search for people, we