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FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Go 17.0.4. This update supports 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro screen resolution.   iOS App SDK has also been updated to support this release. Access requires a FileMaker Developer Subscription or FileMaker Business Alliance membership.   Download FileMaker Go 17.0.4 on the App Store
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Reading Time: About 6 minutes.   Audience and Assumptions For This Tip  This tip assumes: 1. You have worked through the introductory micro-service tutorial here: ⁃ You have gotten your “hello world” micro-service example working via the Maven build in the IDE. ⁃ Or, that you
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Good day. I had heard some reports of index damage from the Migration Tool. Hadn't witnessed it until recently. We just did a very large migration (380+ tables), and I'm seeing a lot of key fields coming up with damaged indexes. The indexes are relatively easy to repair (turn off indexing and let FileMaker rebuild them), but finding all the places
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Sydney, Australia - December 11, 2018 - Databuzz today announced fmEcommerce Link (Shopify Edition) v1.3, a major update to their FileMaker solution that integrates the FileMaker platform with the Shopify eCommerce platform. fmEcommerce Link (Shopify Edition) v1.3 now runs natively on the FileMaker 16 and 17 platforms, including FileMaker Pro,