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Hi,   I've been using FileMaker mainly for my own purposes for a number of years now. I'm an IT Consultant working for myself offering services across most areas of IT to small - medium sized organisations in the east of the UK.  I have been in the IT industry for 29 years. My passion now is FileMaker and I am booked to take my
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I am so sick of this endless mucking around with SSL in FMS16. The implementation is a joke. Consider this from any other product:   1. FileMaker only approve certain providers of certificates. 2. Naturally, they are all quite expensive. 3. GoDaddy are one of the cheapest, therefore popular - but their tech support I spoke to had "never
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Hello,   I have dozens of layouts with the same (navigation) button bar in the header. I have 1 "Navigation" script that captures a script parameters with the value of the assigned window, Works great. The script parameter passes many other values as well, sort, window size, etc.   The issue; it's tedious to update all the buttons on
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I am puzzled at why FileMaker server uses very little internet speed, we have fiber optic at 15/15 and a managed network to give at least 10/10 to the server at any time even when there is no other network activity and the server hast all the 15/15 for itself the most bandwidth the server uses is not even 2mbps at its peak, I know the other