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I am feeling stuck despite having read several messages on the subject, so I am asking for my specific instance, as I could not understand whether the other similar question matched my situation or not.   I am trying to simulate branching logic by hiding and showing different buttons to navigate to different layouts depending on the contents

I have a single barcode label that I need to print (2,000 -4,000) times on my label printer. The data will be the same for all labels.   I have a quantity field that contains how many labels need to be printed. The quantity will change on every job.   I can’t seem to find a way to directly link in with the printer setup to place
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Hi folks, I have a question on setting Security Privileges. Here's the scenario; 1. We have a set of users in Privilege Set 1. 2. Then we have a supervisor in Privilege Set 2. Question: How do we allow Supervisor to access everything that everyone has in Privilege Set 1? Thank you in advance. Sumith
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Well we had a good group of almost 1300 people show up for Devcon 2018 at the Gaylord in Grapevine, Texas.  I certainly had a great time and learned a few things and made some new friends.  In particular shouts out to my Swedish friends (Gustaf and Nicholas) and the Scotsmen from LiveCodeFM.   The Keynote on Monday evening is