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Background: I have a portal of quote line items that might contain the same _fkDealer value for more than 1 line item and when I find a situation where the same dealer is used to supply different products on the same quote, I end up with multiple quote line items containing the same _fkDealer value. I will then take that information and generate
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■Situation I have a portal and two fields. ・A Field(Text) ・B Field(Calcu)   ■Request B = Continue the contents of field A. But I can't get the correct calculation.(B Field)     portal Ex) 1record:A(1) / B(1) 2record:A(  ) / B(1) 3record:A(  ) / B(1) 4record:A(2) / B(2) 2record:A(  ) / B(2) 3record:A(3) /
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I love the idea of a FileMaker ID and it is great to see it on the roadmap, but I am a little worried about where this is headed. It seems to be licensed as a server connection and not as an individual. A single person will need to be licensed on each server or cloud deployment.   This is is a big departure for FUL where once a user is