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Hi, I'm new to FileMaker and I want to know to know the meaning of the following script steps: Set Variable[$$Trigger; Value:"Supresss"] and Set Variable[$$bin; Value:"Si"]   I'm unable to understand their use and why they were declared like this in a project recently given to me.   Also, if possible can anyone recommend some script… (Show more)
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I think that one of the hardest things to develop is the GUI. We all think different about what's logic and not; should there be colors, tooltips, graphic objects, hand over buttons, hover effects, etc etc? I love a clean and simple interface, but also with much content as long as it's not to messy.   What's bugging me now is buttons in portals.… (Show more)
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The idea Adding a new item in FMPA Tools menu "Show all Layouts", that provide the developer a rapid access in browse mode to any layouts of the database, using the actual Go to Layout Menu but overriding the checkbox "Include in Layout Menus".   Why As a developer, we have to switch very fastly from a Layout to another, not only in Layout Mode,…
Hemant Kumar Patel
Make Summary Fileds faster.   Currently, if we use several summary fields on any layout/report it takes a lot of time (especially if the file is hosted) to calculate the value of them and the user has to wait.   Since the summary fields are used frequently it would be great if they are calculated fast.
Matters Most
My database is a collection of structures visited, various info and dates of these visits. I am not very proficient with FM, but was able to follow an example and it was working just fine. Until it wasn’t.   I have a database set up with only two tables. Table 1 contains all info to the structure; table 2 contains dates visited. They are related… (Show more)
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  Tuesday, March 20th @ 10am Pacific: the next batch of tickets goes on sale    There are some great new sessions on the schedule, including... Joanne Bell and Melissa Blanks - "Deploying and Marketing a FileMaker Solution for Resale" Heidi Porter - "Explorations in the Cloud" (FileMaker and AWS) and Joan Bambrick - "Standing… (Show more)
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Anyone has any idea how to learn FMP? I think I already learn the basics but it looks obviously I am even far from being an amateur. I tried some books and some video training but feel quite disappointment. Basically it's just transformed from written instruction into another paper or in video. I want you to show me the "beef". any idea is… (Show more)
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Duplicate a record it does not bring over all the content from all the tabs in tab control.    I have a data base which consists of a tab control with 5 tabs.  When I duplicate a record that is filled out it only brings over the content from the first tab.  I also have a portal within one of the tabs that is not duplicating the contents either.… (Show more)
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Would you like have an universal search for lists in FileMaker? e.g. search all accounts or privilege sets?   Could be added to MBS FileMaker Plugin soon...
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Following on from a previous thread, I've found the BaseElements plugin won't install from the following script: If [ Get ( SystemPlatform )= -2 ] Install Plug-In File [ Home::Plugin_BE_PC_64 ] Else If [ Get ( SystemPlatform )= 1 ] Install Plug-In File [ Home::Plugin_BE_mac ] End If     using Windows 7 running on Parallels 13 on a 2017… (Show more)
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I've started playing with the full DDR xml and wanted to find out what kinds of questions users generally want to find a quick answer to.  If you've worked with fmXRaySpecs or fmXRayTables, you'll know that I generally work on small, fast tools that can be of use mid-process, so I'm not trying to build something monolithic that can answer every… (Show more)
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