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Hi All, I have a question regarding SSL Certificates in FileMaker 17, which kind of follows on from my earlier posting about disappearing Local Hosts, here;   I have a set of files hosted on FileMaker Server 17 available on a small office network of 5 users. As the Local Host address kept… (Show more)
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I'm sure everyone on FileMaker Cloud has run into this. The address that FileMaker provides for your own domain redirects to But that is the Admin Console.   We want visitors to see this by default, instead:   How do we get it to default to fmi/webd instead?  … (Show more)
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I am trying to find out if a clustered stacked column bar chart can be duplicated in Filemaker.  I can create a stacked column bar chart.  I just haven't seen a way to adjust the gap width between the column bars.  Is there a way to do this?
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Hi all,   I have this funny problem, well, funny is not the right word. Anyway, I need your help.   I have a popover button in a portal row that just display information. The portal can have 1 to x rows.   There is 0 problems in Filemaker Pro, when click, the button will display the correct information.   The funny part is that when run in… (Show more)
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Selecting an object and opening the button dialog adds a layer of grouping to the button. But, if you leave it set to "Do Nothing" the grouping doesn't go away. Selecting the object again and doing the same thing again adds another layer of grouping. Just selecting an object to see if there was a button definition on it adds a layer of grouping,… (Show more)
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This document is intended to provide a list of available packages/wrappers for use with FileMaker's Data API and Admin API interface. If you don't see a package in the lists below please let me know and I will add it.   Data API Language Package Author URL C# fmdata Nate Bross GitHub - fuzzzerd/fmdata: A simple .NET Standard client for the…
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Unfortunately I'm not attending DevCon this year and need someone's help to run our annual Yoga classes which typically occur from 6:30 - 7:15 AM.  Ideally someone with experience in flow yoga.   Please email me at if you can help.  Thanks.
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I have a situation where I need to be able to count "next records" (in a sorted set), to determine how many are related based on two fields. I cannot use a relationship, as the two matching fields are only relevant if the records are sorted in a particular (date) order.   I have a pretty inelegant calculation that works: Continuing Records = Case… (Show more)
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I am encountering an issue while using an import script referencing an Excel file, and I am not sure if this is a known issue or something unique     Background: Excel file is generated from an instrument with results and UUID information. Excel is imported to a temp table via script step.  This excel contains header information that is removed… (Show more)
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Product and version:  FM17.01.143 OS and version: 10.13.6 Hardware: late 2013 rMBP i7 16 1tb Description: custom functions are corrupted / truncated when using emojis How to replicate:   create this custom function: //josh mod 2018-07-19 6:38 PM // // since there is no zero-equivalent in the alphbet,… (Show more)
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Hello FM Community,   I have imported RTF data into an FM solution text field which is on a Windows system. How can I convert the RTF data into a plain text to be more readable? Would this require a script and using something like TextStyleRemove ()? We won't need to maintain the RTF encoding since it still exists in the original database that we… (Show more)
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