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Hello,   I've had a number of failures when running the 'fmsadmin certificate import' command through the command line on Windows Server with FileMaker Server 17. When running this command it seems to never finish. The command runs and then just hangs indefinitely. The command never completes and the certificate is not imported. No errors or… (Show more)
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Johan Hedman
If a text field is set as enabled in Browse mode and the field have a scroll bar you can scroll up and down in the field for information if the information take more place then the fields size. But if the field is set to be disabled you can still see the scroll bar but you can not use it.   I like the field to be open for scrolling but still not…
I am having trouble creating a pdf with the current date in the title.     When I create a variable it works for the text I make---but not when I use text and the current date.   "Band Lesson Gradebook by date__ "  & Get ( CurrentDate )& ".pdf"     it will work this way---   "Band Lesson Gradebook by date__ "& ".pdf"     Is this possible?  … (Show more)
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In FileMaker 17, "enable SSL connections between the Database Server and FileMaker Pro" is removed so the data transferred between the clients and the server is naked. Is there a way to encrypt the data being transferred?   Thanks, Tuan
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Confused why Concurrent Connection pricing isn't right there on the FMI website. For me, that pricing is the only way it would work.   Tried to call FMI, but got voice mail, not a person.   So, does anyone know the price breakdown for concurrent connections?   Thanks,
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Hi, we just switched From FM Cloud to regular FM Server 17, we had user access to database via google authentication, so now Google authentication shows on Filemaker Pro application but not showing on Safari or Firefox or Chrome, does anybody knows what is the problem?
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The right-click search functions are awesome for quickly drilling down into a found set. If only there was also 'omit matching' as one of the options. I would also need fewer scripted buttons in my solution if that were the case. I could instruct the user to enter find mode, show the toolbar (if permitted on that layout), check the omit button,…
Product: FileMaker Pro Advanced OS: Mac 10.3.4 Hardware: MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016) / 16GB RAM   Description: We have a client's old solution that has migrated through many versions of FileMaker. I had an issue modifying some text styling. I copied the field to a new file ( attached ).   How to replicate: In some particular… (Show more)
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The layout manager has an "open" button which opens the selected layout in browse mode. I would like an option to open the layout in layout or find mode too.   I am frequently asked to modify reports. Having located the report by filtering the list in layout manager I can either open the report in browse mode then switch to layout mode; or I can…
Even when field entry browse mode is uncheck, still have 'constrain found set' and 'extend found set' in the contextual menu. Or include it as an option under inspector / data / behavior.
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