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Click to view contentHello, My name is Tim; I am a total newcomer to FileMaker and to the FileMaker Community. I am a volunteer for a very small and very rural local history organization. My project is to construct a database in FileMaker 16 Pro that will allow us to manage and publicize a series of interviews that have been made over the past twenty years or so with… (Show more)
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Let's say I have 1000 boxes of widgets. I need to generate a report that shows the box number, TOTAL value and cost for each box.   Included fields: box number quantity per box extended price per item (quantity x price) extended cost (quantity x cost)   I am not a script person, but I assume it requires a lookup and some sort of "sum"… (Show more)
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Click to view contentBackground:   This is a revival of an old project originally realized using v.14 of FileMaker Server:   An integration of HTML5 Speech Recognition with WebDirect, using the Google Chrome browser.   Way back then, I posted a YouTube video about it, and recently someone saw that video, and inquired if I would share the details of how it works.  …
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I just learned that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has a site licenses for FileMaker. What other research organizations use FileMaker extensively (directly or not for research)?
Are there any significant benefits to checking for an empty field with IsEmpty(Field) vs Field = ""? IsEmpty just seems cleaner to me in a formula, but are there performance or index considerations that I can't think of that differentiate these two options? Thanks in advance!
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Hi All,   I do my fair share of conversions from older versions of FileMaker to the latest version. As 16 has been released that is obviously now the target version, however my current project has revealed a problem that I haven't yet experienced. In this project, I ran a recovery in FMPA 16 on the files after conversion to the fmp12 format, and… (Show more)
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Hi all   We've been using FM for a long time, with FMS, FMP, FMGo, WebDirect and CWP. For years we had a 2-machine FMS setup so that we could keep the DB server behind the firewall, and the WPE outside. This worked well: WebDirect was accessible to anyone on the Internet (password protected, of course), but to reach FMS Admin Console or to open a… (Show more)
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Trying to resolve an access problem that is new after upgrading our server to FMS 17.  The DB in question used to auto-open with Full Access.  I changed that so the DB should now auto-open with very limited abilities, but users are still being prompted to login rather than it auto-logging in. I clearly have something set incorrectly.   I want to… (Show more)
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It used to be that when a new version came out, I could download it the day it came out.   Now I'm waiting - no downloads, no emails, nothing other than an announcement about the new product and marketing materials, which I received on my work email and one I use for one of my clients.   What was the problem with the old method of distributing… (Show more)
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How do I get 2 of my Macs (all running Mojave) to access my database on my main computer (also a Mac)? At the present time, all 3 of them are running FileMaker Pro 16. We can't afford to upgrade all of them to Filemaker 17. There must be a simple way to do this. The database is for a simple postcard club with lots of jpeg photos in containers, and… (Show more)
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Hi, my name is Pat. I relatively new to Filemaker and the Community. I have a start time and an end time. I have a calculation field that gives me the time difference. I have a calculation that if the time difference is less than 4 hours the person is given credit for 4 hours, if it is greater than 4 hours they get that time rounded off to the… (Show more)
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