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I have a membership app.  It has a tab object with two 'many' tables:  Dues and Property.     When I add dues to the Dues portal I first assign the word "Dues" to the DuesOrAssissment field. (Line 7 above) However, doing this, for some reason, causes the Property table to generate a new record.  Huh?   There are NO script triggers in the… (Show more)
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Can we add another variable that is tied to the window. I've seen the whole development community move away from using multiple windows due to our increasing reliance on variables for storing UI info and data. While I love single-window apps, using multiple should not be as development-intensive as it is now.   With variable that are accessible…
Interactive PDF Containers are broken in High Sierra and FM 16.02.  Until High Sierra you could follow the detained needs.   1. Uninstall Adobe readers and app 2. Set finder file to always open with Preview and apply to all. 3. Remove any plugins from adobe for internet. 4. Confirm any SSL certificates are not blocking.   Now doing this plus… (Show more)
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We currently have some window attributes... found sets, and sorts etc. So lets say you have a list of customer records and you have a different found set in each one. That works great. I realized we need more. Basically we need a way to store things in a window object. For example this post about multi section.  …
Chris Irvine
This new style of window is for scripting with one or more independent contexts. Context is such a critical concept for developers, that we jump through all kinds of bizarre operations such as positioning windows off screen, or utilizing additional solution files as a Wingman or Helper context.   Virtual window behavior: It is invisible to the…
Idea  Variable names are THE BIGGEST CAUSE OF ERRORS in scripts. Variable name TYPOS are SO EASY TO MAKE  and SO DIFFICULT TO FIND!*   When typing a formula in a script and a $variable name is started a list of already defined variables should be suggested in the auto complete menu.   $variables Only variables which have been defined earlier in…
It's currently common practice to create global fields just to have a place to input temporary data in custom dialogs. Since custom dialogs are only invoked via script step, it makes sense to allow $local or $$global variables as alternative input sources in custom dialogs. We shouldn't have to create extra fields to manage temporary dialog…
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Summary        My idea is an extension to the existing Perform Script step, which makes it possible to   Perform scripts by Name ... NATIVELY and IMMEDIATELY, ... that is, WITHOUT putting the script onto the script stack for later execution, as similar plugin functions do         The Perform Script step should have     a checkbox: [X]…
I'd like to create a cross platform runtime.   Can some provide a link to a 'Step By Step' set of instructions.   I'm not certain of a few things. Eg: When I create a win and a mac runtime, I assume I will have two separate folders (Win & Mac). Do I combine the folders? Is there a specific method/layout in the way the folders should be… (Show more)
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Hi All,   Please see the attached file for example tables and scripting.   What I am trying to accomplish is to take a Customer record and create a new Lead record from it.  No biggie, as I've got the Set Variable scripting down to do that via the Customer | Detail layout.   Here's where the rub comes in...   That Customer record can have… (Show more)
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Johan Hedman
I would like to have a possibility to save a users all different states in the solution the user is working in when closing down FileMaker.   Say I got 5 tables      Customer      Order      Invoice      Correspondens      Article   I want to have a Snapshot Link saved with number of found records in each of these 5 tables for the first…
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毎度この種の報告ばかりで恐縮です。   ソフトウェア アップデート: FileMaker Pro 16.0.3 および FileMaker Pro 16.0.3 Advanced | FileMaker において、   計算式 関連レコードがポータル内で変更され、Enter キーでデータの書き込みがなされた場合、関連レコードに関する非ソートの計算式が更新されない問題に対応しました   とありますが、 Software Update: FileMaker Pro 16.0.3 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.0.3 | FileMaker には「an unstored calculation」とありますので、日本語の FileMaker… (Show more)
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