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    File Management DB



      File Management DB


      Hello Everyone,


         I am new to this, so please bare with me if i ask something dumb.

      What i am trying to create is a DB that can be accessed through intranet either via a web browser, or some sort on app that can be installed on users computers.

      What the user should be able to do is do a search on this web site, and or app. What they will be searching for is of course from any of the fields that i would put in. Once they locate what they need, they should be able to click on any of the attachments and save it, or open it up directly with the appropiate application.

      Okay, here is what the DB needs to do.

      It needs to have all the fields i input into it. That much i understand.

      Each record, or line, or row, i am not sure how to call it has to have an attachment. The attachement is either in WORD, EXCEL, or PDF format. And of course be able to export it to something viewable that the user can use.

      So i guess this would have some sort of a front end where the user inputs what he's searching for, then in the back end the files that are attached.

      Well, i have some of this down, but not all. I have one i created and i have two rows inputed. But how to i take it to the next level, is beyond me. Like i said, i am new to this, but i am not illiterate when it comes to computers, and applications. I can normaly pick things up quick.

      So any help is much appreciated.

      Here is a image of what i have done so far. I am able to attach the file in the container, but by doing this, it would make the DB HUGE. As the amount of files i will be entering are in the thousands. So having it link to the files that are on a server would be best.



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          before you go any further, take a look at container fields and see if you can get them to work for you. A container field can store either a physical copy of a file or a reference to where it is stored. This can be a method for handling your "attachments".

          You'll also need to think about how to set up your tables for this. I recomend you set up a documents table where you have one record for each such document. Then add additional fields to describe this document that you will use to search for it by performing a find.

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             I updated my post with a screen shot.

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              What I said earlier still applies.

              Since you have a field for the Filepath, you also have the option of using Open URL with the contents of this field to open the document, but you mentioned enabling users to download the file and that is best done from a container field as you can then use Export Field Contents to copy the file to the user's computer.