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    File name



      File name


           I have uploaded a file to a server, I duplicated the local version and changed the name of the duplicate file. But when I open this file still asks me if I want to open the hosted or the local version even if it has a different name.

           What have I done wrong?

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               Exactly what steps are you taking to open this file?

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                 Dear Phil,

                 Thank you for your prompt response. I double click on the file icon on the mac and I get a dialog window saying: " This file has previously been uploaded to a FileMaker Server. (Old Name.Server Name) and two dialog buttons. Use Local version and Use Hosted version.

                 In spite of the name of the file being changed it still is recognised as the file with the original name. How can I stop this happening? I haven't created any external links from either file.

                 Thank you

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                   Is that Icon on your desktop or in the Dock?

                   In any case, that is not the correct way to open a file hosted by FIlemaker Server.

                   Launch FileMaker Pro.

                   Select Open Remote

                   Find and select the server hosting your file

                   Select your file and click Open.

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                     Dear Phil,

                     I don't want to open the hosted file. Let me explain; I have created a solution and I have created a separate file by duplicating the original file. I have changed the second file's name on the finder, but even if the name is different, for some reason, it is still linked to the hosted file. So Filemaker recognises the file not only by the file name. I don't want to give this file to another person because somehow is still linked to the copy of the original file that is on the server.

                     How can I avoid the new file being recognised by FM as the file with the previous name.

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                       I've never seen this behavior and don't quite see how this is possible.

                       What icon, exactly are you clicking, where is it and what OS are you using?

                       And what version of Filemaker are you using?

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                         I am double clicking the .fmp12 file icon on my desktop, I have OSX 10.9.3 and FileMaker 13.0v3

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                           I'm using windows so our experience could differ, but I still find this very unusual and haven't seen any similar reports here in this forum.

                           Is it possible that this icon is an alias (what we windows users call a shortcut) to the actual file? I'm making a wild guess here that if this is the case, you may need to delete that alias and put up a new one pointed to your local file.