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File not found FMP11 Windows mystery

Question asked by rcarbaugh on Mar 31, 2011
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File not found FMP11 Windows mystery


This is going to sound cryptic, and i don't mean it to be so.  Either there is a reason for FMP to be deleting this file, or my client is just really lost on her PeeCee.

I set up a donation tracking file in FMP11 on my Mac for use on a client's Windows 7 machine.  She's in Texas, I'm in NY.  I used the Contact Management template for the addresses, and added a table for donations with a DonorID serial number as the One to Many link.  Pretty straight-forward stuff.  She was using FMP 7 for a few years, now she upgraded to FMP11 and I completely re-did the database structure for her.

It is all one file with multiple tables, no external data.  There are apparently 5 tables for the Contact Management, and I added one table with SerialNum, Date, Amount, Type, DonorID, etc..

Twice now, after she has had a couple of sessions entering a handful of addresses and donations, she has gone back to add more data and the file "disappeared."  She has tried to open the filename and encountered "File Not Found" dialog box.  The last time, she said that she searched and searched and her computer couldn't find the file anywhere.

Unless I'm wrong, there is only one file, so it is not looking for a link to another file-- it is all self contained.  It is not like she moved one file and the first file is looking for it.

Is there any logical reason that her file might have gotten deleted inadvertently by FMP or Windows?

This is really odd, and I don't have an answer for her.

Thanks for your help.