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File Not Found for Images in Container

Question asked by nick_1 on Jul 9, 2012
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File Not Found for Images in Container


Hi All, 

I am running into an error when trying to view images. I have a database file that is on a server that is launched from multiple computers when shared. The database is used on both Mac and Windows. After loading the folders on the server into the database ( both located on the same server in the same location) from the mac, the images are only viewable on the mac and not on the Windows computer. This also works both ways too if I load the data from the Windows side and try to view it on the mac computer. I seem to get the error in the container each time. I am not sure what is happening or what is causing this to happen. The data is also loaded with a pointer to the data as well rather than loading it into the database. I hope this is enough info. Here is a screen shot of what I view in the container when trying to view it from the other computer. 


Thanks in Advance!