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    File not modifiable



      File not modifiable


      When swapping files back and forth between my mac and field laptops I've come across some kind of glitch. When I try to create a service record from a button on my contacts file, it no longer preforms what it should. The dialogue box tells me cannot preform because file is unmodifiable. Any ideas where I start to repair this and do you have any ideas why this happens so I can prevent it from happening again?

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          It sounds like at some point you transferred the file and it got marked as READ ONLY. This is an attribute you will need to check (operating system not FMP). Which OS does it do this error on? The Mac or the field laptops (which I assume are PCs running Windows)?

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            FM Files used to have be read-only when they were copies from a CD, maybe something similar has occured here. Close the file and view the properties in the Finder/Windows Explorer (Command-I or File/Properties); uncheck the write-protect tick if it is there. Protect files by zipping when you put them on a different machine.
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              You'll need to check the write permissions of the folder where you placed the file. Problems with your user account may also be the issue as your user account controls the folder access permissions.

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                I think I got it. Thanks for all the help. You guys pointed me in the right direction.

                It is amazing how long I've operated computers (macs) and then be so ignorant to windows.