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File Options account password not working

Question asked by rmanbike on May 27, 2012
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File Options account password not working


I created FM DB and each one will not open after entering in the account name and password. After creating the DB, File - File Options - Open/Close tab - check log in using - Account name and password - I enter in a name and password. not scripts selected. I recieve dialog " This file will be opened automatically using the specified account.  To use a different account, hold down the Option key (Mac OS) or Shift key (Windows) while opening the file." 

I close the file, then open file, have Open (database name) check account name and password

enter in name exactly as before - enter in password exactly as before 

next dialog: 

The account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file. Please try again. 

So I created 4 more FM database tests files, used "File Options" to create username & password , and each and everyone will not open! 

This first time I have ever had this problem, using FM Pro Advance 11 of osx

Whats going on here?