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File path for referenced files

Question asked by Mitch on Dec 7, 2014
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File path for referenced files



A question regarding a Filemaker Advanced Pro 12 database.  

My database is heavily based around adding files, mostly images with some PDF's into a portal record.  All the files I add are usually kept within a folder on the desk top, or somewhere else on the drive.  There is a container field in my portal that will show a picture of the referenced image, or the referenced PDF.  

My issue is, that if I update the computer that my database is installed on, the file path for all the referenced files will of course change, even if I move the folder cottoning the files is move the the same location (lets say the Desktop). The data will still be there, but the container image can not be found because of the different file path, therefore it is blank.  

I use referenced images instead of imbedding them because of the number and the size of the images...

Is there a way to actually enter the file path for the folder that contains the referenced files into a field so this issue can be overcome.  Mitch