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file paths

Question asked by jayGamel on Mar 25, 2011
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file paths


I have searched for an answer and not found what I was looking for.

Using FMP6 on a Mac in a mac network with a FAT32 network drive (probably irrelevant, here).

I have a set of related files. For whatever reasons, I have duplicated the set over several iterations during the development stage. What I'm concerned about is whether the latest iteration is keeping the relationships confined to the files in the folder from which I open the master file or are they referring to some previous iteration? The documentation on "store relative file path" is confusing to me, seeming to indicate that will keep relationships confined to the current folder as opposed to looking for the original folder where the file was first linked. I also need to open previously saved verions (timemachine) to check on data once in a while.

I can't find anywhere in the FMP program that actually shows the complete file paths of the related files, which is a serious shortcoming to me, nor can I find a function to call that information. I could easily be missing it. Is there such a function and if so what is it? Or is that only found in later editions? I hate to experiment on a file so long in development, but if that's the only way to test, so be it.

thanks for any help on this issue. 

Jay Gamel