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File Recovery on Open

Question asked by lbellino on Mar 6, 2014
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File Recovery on Open


     Hello. Every time I open a FileMaker file I just created (was a backup copy of another database to use as a template), I keep getting a pop up about it being improperly closed (see image attached). This wouldn't be an issue if this was done once and then every time I would open after that, the file would open up normally. But I keep getting this every time I open up this same file, which takes a very long time to run through. I even hit the "Skip" button and it still runs through this process. Any way to fix this where it doesn't do this without having to recreate this database, since this was a new one and I have not backups of it yet. Thanks.

     Note: Backup copy of database that was used for this, does not have this problem.