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File reference deleted during upgrade....

Question asked by ZooGuy on Nov 20, 2009
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File reference deleted during upgrade....


I just recently ordered the 5 user licence and upgraded from Filemaker 6 to Filemaker 10. I run a nature "swap shop" in a zoo and we had been using a single user license version of Filemaker 6 on a Windows Xp Pro computer. What we use Filemaker for is to track the traders, their contact data and other personal details, their trades, which consist of numerical entries which represent "points" (we use a point system in lieu of money) and we have a set of reports that are scripted to be able to be sent to a printer. I knew that I would have to convert the old files to new ones. The old files that were scripted for use were...


(bear with me, I did not set this up, nor am I very well versed at Filemaker scripting)


Nature Exchange Database.fp5 (our main database I am assuming, since opening this file in Filemaker 6 normally brought up a fully functioning database)

Standard Trades.fp5 (which seem to be referenced by the above)

Trades.fp5 (ditto above)

Trades Recovered.fp5 (ditto as well)


When I upgraded to Filemaker 10, I gathered all the files to my local computer's hard drive as was instructed, told it to open Nature Exchange Database.fp5, which FM10 then told me that it was an older version and would need to be converted. After the conversion, I opened the newly converted file, handed it the password, it opens the database and we see our traders and their addresses and such but then when I try to open a record, it gives me an error saying that it needs the "Trades" file. when I browse to the only version I have (the old Trades.fp5 version) it will not work because it failed to convert it.


  Upon viewing the "Conversion" log file, I see at the end of the two page report, all the conversion went OK but just before the "conversion completed" entry and after the "scripts were converted" entry is one that states "Deleting unneeded file reference: Trades 2." Why on earth does it think it is unneccessary? And how do I convince it otherwise. Any ideas that will help this headache to go away! We don't really ask much of this softwar, I never in my life expected to have such trouble!