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File remains associated with original file in browser

Question asked by KenH on Apr 8, 2010
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File remains associated with original file in browser


I have 3 files, Training.fp7, Schools.fp7, and StudentRes.fp7 created with Filemaker Pro 9, and published on a server with Filemaker Advanced Web Server V10.


A button Training.fp7 performs a script on StudentRes to bring up a layout from StudentRes in the browser window.  This page contains 2 buttons:  Back to Training and Back to Schools, each of which performs a simple open on either Training or Schools.


A strange problem occurs:

- Click button on Training to get to StudentRes

- Click the "Back to Schools" button on StudentRes to get to Schools

- Cannot get back to Trainers start layout no matter what.

- If I close the browser and specify the link that got me originally to Trainers, it still shows the Schools page as if it's cached.   The URL reflects the Trainers file URL, but the Schools page shows.


Can anyone help resolve this problem ?