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File required to complete this operation

Question asked by KathleenScott on Jun 10, 2011
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File required to complete this operation


I made a copy of a database so that I can update some fields and then use it for the next fiscal year. The file name goes to "xxxxx Copy." When I complete my updates I change the file's name.  I get an error when trying to open it - "xxxxx Copy" could not be found and is required to complete this operation" I hit OK and then get a Open File window asking for the xxxxxCopy file. There is no longer a file with that name, since I changed it. So I hit Cancel. Then I  get this message "Open has been cancelled. Do you wish to continue with this script?" The only way out of this circle is to hit cancel. If I hit continue, it goes right back to the first error window.

This is frustrating. Now that it's time for a new fiscal year, I don't want this to carry forward when I set up my new file.