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File Sharing  - Open Remote Issue

Question asked by JimmyV.Biondi on Nov 20, 2014
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File Sharing  - Open Remote Issue


We have been doing this for years with no problems. This morning a remote user was using a data file from the host and got the spinning rainbow wheel and a crash.  Everything opened back up OK, but now non of the remote users can see the host.  That is to say they see the host in the list, but none of the files are there. Yes we have tried every sequence of restart, turning on File sharing, restarting Airport, Etc.  Look at the screen shot, the top one shows up and should not. It seems to be stuck there and has some crazy IP Address. The second one is the host, which should be showing remote files, but is not. The problem definitely lies with the host, as other MACS in the office are all playing nice with each other, but not seeing this host.