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File Sharing - Cannot see file on remote computer

Question asked by Tiver on Oct 14, 2011
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File Sharing - Cannot see file on remote computer


Hi, Two of us are trying to share a file from MACs OS X using FileMaker Pro 11. We are NOT on same network, but one Mac has a network and the client Mac does not.

Question 1: Should we use FileMaker Network or Web Sharing?

Question 2: Should we use port 80, or 591, or 5003?

Question 3: Should we be looking at subnets?

Question 4: Should the file appear automatically in the Open Remote LOCAL HOST or FAVORITE HOST? (nothing appears). Or should the client write the host name and file name in the path area? If client does this, the file doesn't open.


Would appreciate a lot of help. I'm going around in circles here. Thanks.