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    file sharing error! on host



      file sharing error! on host


      error reads..."Filemaker Pro cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using Filemaker Pro on this computer"


      we have local network with 4 computers - all have filemaker pro 9 - another computer has a host file that is shared with the other 3 computers (works fine) - now we are putting another host file on a different computer so the local network can share that file (host computer has this error every time opening host file and closing host file) - the other 3 computers cannot find the host file on the local network either


      we have uninstalled host fmp9 and reloaded - and same error came up just like before...the host files to share end in *.fp7



      i need help.

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          Thank you for your post.


          The error message concerns me, because it sounds like someone is trying to share files that already exist on that computer.  Could you have the same license key being used on another computer with the same name?


          Also, if none of the files can be seen on the network, can you make sure they are set to either Full Access or Specify users by privilege set?



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            there is no other computer using same license and there is no other files on this computer being shared...is there some place i can check on this computer to see what might be going on?


            all the computers are named different...all of the licenses are different...


            how do i set to full access? everything with those types of settings are gray and cannot be modified as far as i can tell...i have not tried to set up user privilege on any of my machines yet...



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              Nor sure if this is th ecause but may be work a look.


              Check in your relationships table on the first hosted files to make sure that a table of the same name as the file on the second hosted does not exist already.

              I think that read correctly but I will simplify just in case:-

              If in your origonal hosted file, you have a table called for example fred.fp7 which is shared & you then have a second hosted file on another machine with a table aslo called fred.fp7which is shared then your relationships maybe getting mixed messages!


              Just a thought


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                Thanks for the additional information.


                The suggestion by "Blackcat" is excellent (Thank you!).


                To make sure your files are accessible over the network, perform the following steps:


                1. Pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> FileMaker Network..."


                2. If Network Sharing is off, turn it on.


                3. In the bottom left corner of that dialog box are the currently open files.  Select the file(s) you want to share.


                4. On the left side, set the "Network access to file" to All users.  Click OK.


                5. Now, go to another machine and launch FileMaker Pro.  Pull down the File menu, select "Open Remote..." and select the file.



                If you are still running into difficulty, please let me know.



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                  ok - i went thru the steps you just mentioned.


                  Network sharing is turned on...


                  bottom left box shows 3 available files to share...


                  (these happen to be the same name of the files being shared by another host computer on the network) but it is the correct local host files available...


                  the network access settings are gray - not letting us configure them...i am thinking this is because of the database's settings having internal access control therefore disconnecting filemakers user access settings...don't know just a guess...


                  i am talking with software company of database to see if file names can be renamed possibly...