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File Sharing Issue

Question asked by NonProfitEducationUser on Oct 8, 2013
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File Sharing Issue



     I'm trying to share a database file with the rest of my team and running in to issues. I've tried talking to my IT guy, but he's not familiar with FMP, and I seem to just be confusing him without knowing the correct terms I should be using. Can someone help me figure out if the problem is in FMP or with how it's installed on our server? And how I (or the IT guy) might be able to solve the issue?

     We have liscenses for all 5 team members. I have turned on sharing and extended privileges for each user. We have two servers to deal with load sharing (they are mirrors of each other), so IT installed copies on both of those servers for me. We have some users logging in "automatically" to our network when they are in the building, other uses are logging in through a remote network session (RDP). So we need it on the server for remote access (versus our other idea of loading copies on to everyone's work stations, and just saving the database file in a shared folder.)

     The first person has no trouble with logging in. Everyone else who tries to open the file after that gets the "already in use" error message.


     Is this because we are trying use the same "instance" of FileMaker? How can we get around that?


     Thanks for any help!