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    File Sharing Question



      File Sharing Question


      I developed a solution years ago for a single user in a large corporation.  The user now manages a small department of 3 persons and would like to share the solution I provided.  The corporation purchased a 5-User license of FMP 10 and installed copies on each of the department computers.  However, the corporation requires all data files (including the solution I provided) to be located on a network shared file server. 

      For performance and reliability reasons, FileMaker recommends against hosting a file that resides on a remote or networked volume.  For a variety of other reasons, the corporation is reluctant to publish a copy of the file to the web.

      Any thoughts how best to allow this file to be shared by the department?

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          It's not just a matter of performance. Keeping the file on the server and opening it using a copy of FileMaker installed on your computer increases the chances that the file will be damaged during use. If two users attempt to open the file at the same time, the file can be damaged. If you attempt to make design changes to the file and experience a networkk glitch--the file can be damaged.

          If your company permits it, install one copy of FileMaker Pro on the server and use it to open the file first. Then all other users should use Open Remote to open the database and access the data in it. If that's not possible, see if the company will allow you to take a copy from the server each day to your computer, open to host it with your copy of FileMaker, but then back the file up to the server on regular intervals and when you close the file on your computer at the end of the day. You can use save a copy as in a script to save copies back to the server.

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            Hi Phil,

                I've forwarded your comments to the corporate IT department.  Thanks very much for your help!


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              I'm having a similar issue. We have purchased FMPro for two different computers here at work. We want to share our files. We would like to use Open Remote, but I don't know exactly how to do that. When I go to Open Remote, there is nothing to open.

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                1. Each computer must have FileMaker installed with different install licenses or a "volume license" key for 2 or more computers.
                2. Use FileMaker Pro to open the database file on the computer where the file is located.
                3. Use Sharing | FileMaker Network from the File menu to turn on sharing and then select the open file and choose the "all users" radio button.
                4. This need be done only once, but always open the file on this computer (The "host" computer) before following the last step:
                5. Go to the other computer (The "client" computer) and use Open Remote to find and open the hosted file.