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file sharing with port forwarding problem!

Question asked by markt on Jan 7, 2009
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file sharing with port forwarding problem!


i have a host in one office with filemaker 9 and host another office i have 3 computers, all with FM 9 port forwarding into host...


this problem is only on one of those computers, but it kicks it off saying lost communication...(maybe internet connection burp or something)does this regularly...several times per when trying to log back on, it says license conflict with that computer...the host still shows that computer is connected, but we know it is not, even shut down and rebooted...the host will not close because it says it is still connected, so a hard reboot is required, which i hate because of possible damage to files, etc.


the other 2 computers can stay on and never get this problem...we tried to reinstall FM9, but that does not seem to help...


it also seems to be very sluggish, is that a normal experience when port forwarding? sluggish as in taking minutes to switch accounts or data in database, just refreshing data on screen seems to take way too long...


please need help asap!