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File Sharing--questions.

Question asked by SteveMartino on May 30, 2013
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File Sharing--questions.


     I researched this site and others about peer to peer file sharing through the FileMaker Network (not Server).  Was wondering what people here thought about it.  And of course I have a question or 10.  This is for a single user, using my iPad or iPhone out in the field. I also dont fully understand how the connection works.

     1.  How safe is it? Because the database needs to be open on the desktop, is it subject to more hacking attempts, brute force or otherwise? (Windows 7)

     2.  Should I make any change to my antivirus software security levels, or any other special parameters?

     3.  When I plan to leave the database in file sharing mode, should I have it open in a special user account, with a priviledge set for the desktop  (maybe read only), & customize the menus so should anyone hack in, they couldnt do much (hopefully)?

     4. How vulnerable is the sharing on the IOS device?  Should I also set the devices with better passwords?

     5. Are there any other recommendations you would make to a Database that would use file sharing?

     Thanks again