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    File Size Won't Decrease



      File Size Won't Decrease


      We use DropBox to sync our FMP database and we like to keep the file small. Our database consists of 2700 prospective leads and is approximately 1.7GB. We went ahead deleted all the 2100 "cold" leads to save space. This left us with 600 entries. But our database size is still 1.7GB?

      Any ideas as to why this is?


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          Out of interest it might be worth running the command Get(FileSize) and see what that reports (in bytes).

          Also what are you storing to make this file size so big?  Images?

          You can also run a compact save.  Go to file, save a copy as, and specify the type as 'compacted copy'.

          but before you do this.....

          MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP...and....don't overwrite the existing file.

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            Hey RevMK,

            Thanks for your reply.

            I don't know "command Get(FileSize)" but on my Mac, I did do "Get Info" which tells me the size is: 1.71 GB on disk (1,712,689,152 bytes).

            Yes, each client file has a picture of them I take with my iPhone camera when I meet with them. The jpg image ends up being about 750 KB when I upload it to DropBox and then import it to FMP. I don't know an easy way to compress the images though I know that would help.

            I will try saving the 'compacted copy' but I guess I don't know how that will help if it just saves off as a "copy". Is this the version I want to be working on moving forward then?

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              The command can be run in a script, I wondered if there was any difference between the OSX and Filemaking reporting on the file size.

              Are you images in a related table or directly part of the client table?  It might be worth checking as if they are related, you could 'gain' some space in removing them.  I would also considering saving a reference to the image rather than importing them if this is a problem.

              Once you have made a compacted copy the size should drop and you can then use this file.  But please, please, please make sure you have a backup and check the data looks correct after running the save.  Here is the help file information on it (FM11);

              Saving a compacted copy
              When you save a copy of a file,  FileMaker Pro recreates the entire database, fitting as much data into each  block as possible. This copies the logical structure, or arrangement, into the  new file and reclaims unused space. Compacting can be time consuming if the file is large, and  it might be best accomplished as an overnight task.
              To save a compacted copy:
              Make sure that you have enough  room on your intended storage media.
              You should have at least as much free space  on your intended media as the size of your uncompressed file. It is not a  good idea to fill any storage media to its maximum capacity.
              Choose File menu > Save a Copy  As.
              In the “Create a copy named”  dialog box, for Save a (Windows) or Type (Mac OS), choose compacted copy  (smaller).
              Click Save.
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                Hey RevMK,

                The images are directly part of the client table and not relational. They are simply a picture of the individual client so it's not like we can reuse the same images. Saving a reference of the image is also not an option since this database is shared and there isn't a "local" area we can store the image.

                So I did the save as compacted and it went from 1.7GB to 1.64GB pretty underwhelming. 

                I'm just flabbergasted at the fact that I went from 2700 entries down to 600 entries and it didn't change the file size at all. 

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                  I assume you downloaded the database to your machine, did the save as smaller to your machine?

                  And there was such a small decrease?

                  If you import your photos into iPhoto you have the option of outputting different sizes of the photos.