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    File Stability



      File Stability



      How big is too big when it comes to a fmp file?  I inherited a DB with several files; one in particular is 1 GB with nearly 900 layouts, over 600 relationships, and 140 tables.  I'm very cautious about adding any additional tables unless absolutely necessary though some employee demands are leaving my hands tied. 

      I must say that most of the scripts, tables, and fields are well organized (and somewhat easy to follow) but I am worried about long term stability.  Also, Filemaker server is being used (on a stand alone server). 


      Does anyone have any insight as to how I should handle necessary additions to this file?  



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          If you don't already have it, get FileMaker Advanced so you can use its developer tools to work with your database.

          One of my files has now reached nearly 4.5GB in size and I have not had any trouble with it. Granted, this is an "archive" file where we park invoice type records no longer needed except for long term summary reports and such (Active data entry takes place in another file), but it does well for what we ask of it.

          Often for a file of that size and age, there could be any number of portions of the system that are no longer needed and carefully removing them can produce a smaller and easier to maintain system.

          The Database Design Report is one tool you can use to check and specific fields, tables, layouts etc are actually made use of in the current system. It's my understanding that there are also a number of third party developer tools available and you may want to research them to see if they offer any additional assistance in managing this file.

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             Yea the Database Design Report helped emensly, espeically since I have absolutely no contact with the person that designed the database (no one else knows anything about fmp or the sever).  To make matter more complicated, several executable files were developed by other programs and incorporated into the DB. 

            I suppose it will be a few months before I have everything nailed down. 

            Thanks for the comment, Phil