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    Fileamaker Pro 10 Interface Concerns



      Fileamaker Pro 10 Interface Concerns


      I prefer the interface in FMP version 9 and earlier. Not only are the tools and selections easy to find, but the vertical space was available for my Filemaker solution, not the interface. This is even more important now that screens such as those on the MacBook Pro and most newer LCD monitors have become wider at the expense of height. Whether a web browser or Filemaker, I want to get rid of the junk at the top of the screen, not add more. I want to minimize scrolling, not require more.

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          I agree with this 100%. In Windows you can't have small icons and you can't remove the text labels, so it's even worse. This was the first thing I looked for and was flabbergasted to find the adjustments only supported on the Mac.


          I also notice that the File Menu dropdown arrow is missing, requiring several steps to open previous file. Another step backwards?


          And as far as high-res LCD monitors, there is a need for intermediate zooming. 100% is too small and 150% is too high. Another one of my suggestions that they ignored! I'm glad I downloaded the trial and didn't just pay (60%!!!! of the new price!!!!! - outrageous when you consider the modest improvements). 

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               I'm surely not the only one whose templates were made for a screen layout where toolbar is located at left. Now my forms are full of fields below the bottom of the screen an with unused space at right. What an upgrade!
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              Thank you for your posts.


              Yes, the changes to hiding the Status area in previous version was limited to width, where now you have more width but the height is affected.


              Please enter your comments as suggestions at:




              I could easily copy and paste this information for you, but there are questions asked that only you individually can answer.


              When entering the feature request, please say why you want this changed.  From experience, I have seen those feature suggestions that have real-life examples gain more attention than those suggestions that say, "Please add X feature".


              Don't get me wrong!  Feel free to copy and paste what you wrote, but if you include an example how it worked in 9 and how it is affecting you in 10 would help product Marketing gain a better understanding.



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