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Filemaker  Files / tables or portals (Design considerations)

Question asked by yandg on Jun 15, 2010
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Filemaker  Files / tables or portals (Design considerations)


I have a new task which i thought would be the easiest but i'm not sure how to actually set up in Filemaker as i keep coming across problems in the way it needs to work. 


The set up is fairly simple but i'm not sure on best practice in setting this one up.


We have a STOCK file holding probably 10,000 records, at the minute when an item is sold we fill in the sale details on each iem sold (All these items are serialnumbered and so are all different records) So if Mr Smith buys 2 items. each record is filled in with his details.


At the year end process all the SOLD records are copied to a sold back up file and deleted of the live STOCK file. Sold file approx  5000 - 6000 records


  • Option A; The Filemaker design i am setting up now will show the sold lines on a SALES file either in a portal (LIne items) or in repeating fields.(Max no approx 8 required)
  • The STOCK file is marked as sold and a SalesID.


  • Option B: Or could a  complete record of STOCK be copied to a SOLD file as soon as item is sold which is then the portal showing line items on the sales record.  This way ALL Stock items are on the STOCK file and ALL sold items are on the SOLD file. which would make it easier to run sales and stock reports.

Any items returned can be copied back from SOLD to STOCK as required.


Any ideas on other options or on processes for option B appreciated


This would also mean the STOCK file doesnt keep growing year after year.


Any pointers at all would be helpfull.