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Question asked by nicoles on Oct 13, 2011


filemaker & website advice needed


Let me start off by saying I am very new to filemaker and I need some advice from filemaker experts.

I am getting a website designed that will pull information from my simple filemaker database. The site will be quite basic, a few areas of the site will be populated with records from the database.  These records will be changing often and it is imperative that the site is updated very easily.  

My web designer is suggesting a drupal site so I can easily manage it myself, in your expert opinion is this a good route to go?

where should the database live?  -  is this something that should get uploaded to a server or do I need to keep it on my own computer?  I only have filemaker pro, should I be looking into filemaker server?   

Is there anything else I need to ask when talking with designers?

Thank you in advance for your help, I really appreciate it.