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Filemaker 10 - Linking / Exporting ODBC Errors

Question asked by rcmckissick on May 22, 2009


Filemaker 10 - Linking / Exporting ODBC Errors



I am very new to Filemaker, previously using Microsoft Access and Brio here at VF.   Primarily, we use database tools (so far) to do analysis and data extraction...either through user tables or by linking to db2 tables.   I have ODBC connections to all data sources I use and they all work fine with my Access or Brio links.


I am able to see the tables w/ fields I want to query - From the menu; Import Records, ODBC Data Source.  Type in my user id (which is MCKISSB) w/ password.  I select the table (NUT_ORG) I want to query...and then the fields.   When I try to run the query, I get an ODBC error;  [IBM] [CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0204N "MCKISSB.NUT_ORG" is an underfined name.  SQLSTATE=42704


There seems to be some confusion in the set up as to the name of the table / fields....adding my user id to each option.   I see all fields possible in the tables....but can't import or query the DB2 data?


Is there something in the FileMaker set up that causes this error or do I have to change something in the configuration of the ODBC drivers themselves?