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    Filemaker 10 advance for Web



      Filemaker 10 advance for Web


      Can I create a application with Filemaker 10 advance by creating php scripts to communicating with my mySQL server?


      Or do I really need Filemaker Server?



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             Why bother going through FileMaker at all then? Why not talk directly with MySQL via PHP?
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            What I am trying to do is create a program to monitor patient progress. Nurses and Patients will be able to log on and they will be entering data on their progress. 


            We have looked at many programs and they are way too expensive and cost prohibative for the Cancer Center. Their budgets have been slashed drasticly and everyone in the UC system have had their salaries cut by as much as 20% to 25%. And the Cancer center have had their opperating expenses slashed by 37%.


            I have created a few programs and have a fair understanding with communicating with mySQL but I have never created a program like this, but I do see Filemaker as a fine piece of software to be able to do this. I have created programs in the past many years ago with FileMaker and was very pleased with the results. But, it has been years, more like 18 years since I have looked at FileMaker at all. And I have seen that it has truly matured.


            PHP scripts are available but, I was mandated that the program has to be extremely friendly to use. And that it has to be web based. for Nurses and Patients.


            FileMaker will give me access to creating exactly what I will be needing for them.  

            Also, my server is running under FreeBSD and it is up to date with the latest release. And I am running the latest php update.


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              Yes but you still have not answered the question thoroughly. Why not just talk to MySQl directly if you need MySQL. Where does MySQL play in all of this? Why not just use FileMaker? Are you saying that your MySQL server is on FreeBSD?



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                First of all thank you taking time for replying. 

                Yes, I have my own database on my own server. And what I would like to know is, If I use FileMaker program, can I output the layout for Web Base to store the data on my own database. Or do I need FileMaker Server to host the FileMaker Application for the web? 





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                  You could do a bunch of import/export stuff, but it's a much better idea to just interface straight to your FileMaker database using FileMaker Server.


                  Note that you may also want to consider using a 3rd party hosting provider such as us:




                  to save you the headache and price of setting up your own server.  Feel free to contact me here or off list at jmay(at)pointinspace.com with any questions you may have.  Thanks!


                  - John 

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                    You might find it useful to view the tutorials and information at